Medicals & Certifications

We are specialists in Aero Medical Examinations and Seafarers Medical examinations and certifications.

Medicals & Certifications

Aero Medical Examinations

Dr Kieran Whyte is an IAA Approved Aeromedical Examiner. Aero Medical Examinations medical can be done up to 45 days before the expiry of your current medical.

Seafarers Medical

A valid certificate attesting to medical fitness is a legal requirement for any seafarer. Dr Whyte is authorised by Maritime Safety Directorate to perform the Seafarer ENG11 Medical examination.

Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccines are best given at least one month pre travel, some, such as rabies need to be given over a 28 day period. For specific travel advice, including vaccinations, yellow fever and malarial prophylaxis you should book a consultation.

Diving Medicals

A valid certificate of medical fitness is required to dive. Diving can be both physically and mentally demanding. Your diving medical certificate varies with age, but typically are valid for two years

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