GP Healthcare Prices

Dr. Kieran Whyte offers a number of different services to his patients.

GP Healthcare Prices

This table outlines the current fees for each of the services provided. This list will be updated periodically and may be subject to change. (Last updated – January 1st, 2023)

Consultation TypeFee
Phone Consultation€50
Routine office consultation€65
Extended office consultation€80
Consultation + Bloods€75
Bloods Charge€35
GMS Routing Bloods€35
Admin, letters for housing, jury service etc.€35
24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor€75
Driving License Medical€65
Ear Syringe€65
Home Consultation€100
Joint Injection€75
Out of hours consult€90
Prescription Charge€35
Review consultation within 10 days with same problem€30
Suture Removal€60
Wellness Medical (Male/Female)€125

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