Seafarers Medical

Dr. Kieran Whyte is an approved doctor to carry out seafarers medical examinations

Department of Transport Seafarers Medical

Approved Seafarers Medical Examiner

Dr. Kieran Whyte

Mb Bch BAO , FPC, DMH, Dch, DMSK., MICGP., M.Med Sci., FSEM.

Are you a first time seafarer looking to get your seafarers medical certification? Or do you need your medical certification renewed? Book a Seafarers Medical appointment with us today.

The Seafarer ENG11 Medical can only be performed by a doctor appointed by the Maritime Safety Directorate. The Merchant Shipping (Medical Examinations) Regulations 2014 make it a legal requirement for any seafarer, as defined in the Regulations, to hold a valid certificate attesting to their medical fitness for the work for which they are employed. This is to reduce risks to other crew members and for the safe operation of the ship, as well as to safeguard their personal health and safety.

Approved Doctors are required to determine a seafarer’s fitness by reference to the statutory medical and eyesight standards set out in the Regulations Medical fitness certificates are issued by an Approved Doctor in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.

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Please ensure to bring:

  • Photo ID such as your passport
  • Your current Seafarers Medical Certificate
  • Have a seafarers ID number

Seafarers Medical Examination

Seafarers Appointment

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FAQ’s about the Seafarers Examination Process

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