Diving Medicals

Many diving related organisations now require a diving medical from you, including dive clubs, dive boats and diving holiday operators.

Diving Medicals

Diving underwater can be physically and mentally demanding so fitness to dive is vital.  It is important that the diver does not suffer from any medical condition that could affect the safety of themselves or other members of the dive team.  In addition, the diver must not suffer from any medical condition that may be aggravated by diving, leading to an increased risk of long-term ill health effects.

The guidelines for the Divers Medical are designed to alert physicians to medical problems that may interfere with safe diving.  Examining doctors use their clinical judgement and experience to determine the divers medical fitness for diving.

Divers medical fitness certificates must be renewed periodically.  Key dates are as follows:

  • Initial medical fitness certificate
  • Recertification at age 35
  • Three yearly from age 35
  • Annually from age 55
  • If a divers health status has changed since the last medical examination

The examination typically takes 45 minutes to complete, depending on additional tests that are required.  The fee for this test is €130.

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